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                  What's New

                  Current Happening in the Organisation

                  Tata NYK Shipping Ltd. opens new office in Mumbai

                  30 June 2022

                  We are pleased to announce the opening of an office in new premises in Nariman Point, Mumbai. From 1st July 2022, TNYK will operate from their new premises in Maker Chamber III building at Nariman Point. This would allow us to meet the increasing demand of our growing customer base in addition to creating sufficient office space for our increasing team. The office was inaugurated on 30th June 2022 by two esteemed directors of TNYK- Mr. Sanjib Nanda, Vice President Financial Operations and Corporate Reporting, Tata Steel and Mr. Nobuaki Sumida, Director, NYK Auto Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd. The event was also attended by Mr. Toshifumi Takeuchi, Executive Director, TNYK and several key customers.


                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  World Environment Day celebrations @ Sundarban

                  5 June 2022

                  A team of Tata NYK employees travelled to Bakkhali from Kolkata on World Environment Day and with the help of a local NGO and Villagers planted 250 Sonajhuri (Acacia auriculiformis ) trees around Gouranga Primary School, Debnibas , in a bid to reinstate the tree population which were massacred by severe cyclonic storms Amphan and Yass which made landfall in this locality in the recent past. This area is in close proximity to the Bakkhali Sea beach by the Bay of Bengal . The highlights of interactions with the locals mainly comprised of the environmental issues endangering the flora, fauna , local populace and the changing topography . Tata NYK’s initiative was appreciated by the locals and they promised to take care of the saplings planted till the tree grows tall and become self-dependant. Once fully grown the saplings have the potential of resisting high winds common to this area and will not only help resist soil erosion but also will host a number of endangered avian species typical to this area.

                  Social media: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6941034908576292864

                  Tata NYK MD as a panellist for Purvodaya VGSoM IIT Kharagpur.

                  1st Feb 2022

                  The Leadership Summit of IIT Kharagpur - Vinod Gupta School of Management are delighted to welcome Mr. Amitabh Panda, Managing Director at Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd. as a panellist for the event.

                  An alumnus of XLRI, Mr. Panda is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience. He is equipped with well-founded experience in delivering profitable growth, building new businesses from scratch, and managing large scale supply-chain operations. Outside the Tata Group, he had worked for around 10-years in Banking & Consulting industry with global multinational organizations like ICICI Bank and FreeMarkets Inc. Mr. Panda has been on the global CPO Advisory Board at SAP AG; a core member of the ICCC forum and has advised the Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India on Coastal Shipping as a working group member.

                  VGSoM IIT Kharagpur are highly privileged to host him and look forward to imbibing from his stellar erudition at the event on 5th Feb'2022.

                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  MPA PIER 71: Tata NYK's participation in MPA PIER 71

                  23rd November2021

                  TATA NYK Shipping Pte Ltd is proud to be associated with the Start-up Accelerator program PIER 71 instituted by MPA and NUS Enterprise of Singapore. Singapore which is often referred as the Maritime Start up capital of the world ,the PIER 71 program is perfect catalyst for Innovation for various start-up companies.
                  Tata NYK participation in the program with the problem statement of issues related to Hold cleaning of Bulk carriers was referred to MPA Singapore and the same was taken up by “Spinoff Robotics” for providing innovative and viable solutions . The company came up with a prototype of Air borne drone capable of the imaging , detection, cleaning by chemicals/ waterjets and followed thereon with image verification of cleanliness at Heights within a cargo hold.
                  The re-imagining solution with digital application was pitched in before the esteemed Senior Minister of Transport, a team of expert judges and Audience from the Shipping Community on 23rd November2021 at the Smart Port Challenge 2021 Grand Final. Spinoff Robotics was awarded Second Runners up prize amongst the 8 finalists. Congratulations Spinoff Robotics !

                  (15) PIER71 - Posts | Facebook

                  TATA NYK Conducts Successful Biofuel Trial on Our Operating Bulk Carrier

                  14 November 2021

                  The bulk carrier Frontier Sky, which is owned by NYK and operated by Tata NYK, has conducted a trial use of biofuel to transport cargo provided by Tata Steel. Biofuels are considered to be carbon-neutral because the carbon dioxide that is absorbed by the source of the biomass is equal to the carbon dioxide that is released when the fuel is burned. With increasing demands for reducing greenhouse gases emitted from ships by oceangoing shipping around the world, biofuels are currently attracting attention as an alternative fuel for ships to replace heavy oil. In this test voyage, the vessel was fueled with biofuel by Toyota Tsusho Petroleum Pte. Ltd. at the port of Singapore on November 14 and a test voyage was conducted on a route to the port of Dhamra, India. The knowledge gained from this test voyage will be shared by the three companies, and we will continue to collaborate with Tata Steel and NYK in an effort toward decarbonization. Although our short term goal of reduction of GHG is targeted at 8%, our mid & long term goal is to reduce CO2 emission by 15-20% by 2024 and further to 30% by 2030 as per IMO guidline. This trial use of biofuel is one of our activities to achieve such a long term goal to reduce CO2 emission and TATA NYK will continue its further effort for decarbonization and realizing carbon neutral marine transportation and supply chains.

                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  Recognition of a humanatarian effort

                  30 August 2021

                  With great pride, humility and a sense of service, we are happy to announce that our Company, Tata NYK Shipping Pte Ltd has been awarded 2021 Safety of the Sea Award for “Outstanding contribution to Search and Rescue” by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. This humbling moment is dedicated to the crew of Sagar Shakti who displayed great empathy, compassion and heroism in rescuing the six Indonesian boatwrecked crew of the KLM Hikmah Bahari, who were afloat in a jury raft for about 48 hours after their ill-fated cargo boat went down off the coast of Samarinda, Indonesia in Oct 2020. #safetyatseaweek, #MPA, #MaritimeSG


                  Meeting with IYO Bank, Singapore Branch for inking of Financing Agreements.

                  30 July 2021

                  (L to R): Mr. Yasuhito Taima (Executive Director, TNYK), Mr. Shota Sakuragi (Asst. Head of Corporate Banking, IYO Bank Singapore), Mr. Amitabh Panda (Managing Director, TNYK), Mr. Tajudeen Azharudeen (AGM, Treasury and Governance, TNYK)

                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  Meeting with IYO Bank, Singapore branch to renew its banking lines.

                  5 August 2020

                  L to R: Mr. Yasuhito Taima (Executive Director, TNYK), Mr. Masafumi Yamaguchi (Head of Corporate Banking, IYO Bank Singapore), Mr. Amitabh Panda (Managing Director, TNYK), Mr. Shota Sakuragi (Asst. Head of Corporate Banking, IYO Bank Singapore)


                  Meet at Tokyo on 21 Feb 2020

                  21 February 2020

                  L to R: Mr. Amitabh Panda, Managing Director, Tata NYK; Mr. Hitoshi Nagasawa, President, NYK Line; Mr. Dibyendu Bose, Vice President Supply Chain, Tata Steel; Mr. Koichi Urgami, Corporate Officer, NYK Line and Chairman, Tata NYK.

                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  Tata NYK Shipping Team receives the Business Excellence Award

                  10 December 2019

                  Tata NYK Shipping Team receiving the Business Excellence Award from Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekharan, Tata Group Chairman for highest leap in TBEM score in the Assessment year 2020.


                  Sagar Samrat at drydock in Besiktas, Turkey

                  03 December 2019

                  Tata NYK Managing Director Mr. Amitabh Panda visits Besiktas Drydock to ensure best dry docking for our young ice class vessel Sagar Samrat. Sagar Samrat has been one of our best maintained ship used for cargo transportation in European region.

                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  President of NYK, Hitoshi Nagasawa’s visit to our office on 15 October 2019

                  15 October 2019

                  NYK Line President, Mr. Hitoshi Nagasawa and Tata NYK Shipping Managing Director, Mr. Amitabh Panda meets together and revisits the age old partnership between NYK Line and Tata Sons from 1893 that had led to setting up of Tata Lines to break the cartel of oceanic transportation.

                  Capt. Zareer Antia gives a speech in UN Event on Sustainable Ocean Business

                  03 June 2019

                  Capt. Zareer Antia, a proud Tata NYK associate delivers speech for an UN Event on Sustainable Ocean Business in Norway in presence of King of Norway and Transport Ministers of UK, Japan and Norway, IMO Secretary general and ISA Secretary General, CEO of UN Global compact, WWF, Global Citizen, WRI , SRC.

                  WHAT'S NEW
                  WHAT'S NEW

                  Tata NYK Shipping Invited At Tata Power’s Business Associates’ Meet 2019

                  01 March 2019

                  Tata NYK Shipping was invited to be part of Tata Power’s Business Associates’ meet 2019. The then Tata NYK MD in 2019, Mr Dinesh Shastri opened the meet lighting the inaugural lamp along with other dignitaries. The recognition is indeed reflective of the quality of the service provided by Tata NYK team to its valued customers.


                  Naito san’s visit to Tata NYK headquarters

                  11 October 2018

                  Tata NYK Team was delighted to have Mr. Tadaaki Naito, the then NYK Line President in 2018, in our office in Singapore on 11th October 2018. Naito san shared with the team valuable insights and emphasized on Tata NYK’s importance given India’s potential for economic growth. He conveyed his satisfaction in positive results, especially after difficult years in the dry bulk industry. He also thanked Tata NYK employees for their efforts. Naito san further observed that the company culture between Tata and NYK is very close. Mr. Ratan Tata, Former Chairman of Tata Group, had also spoken about this great relationship with NYK in Mumbai. Tata NYK is proud to have NYK as one of its parents along with Tata Steel and will keep its energies focused on relentlessly striving to become the largest bulk carrier for the Indian market.

                  WHAT'S NEW

                  Our global office

                  SINGAPORE OFFICE

                  6 Shenton Way
                  #18-08B, OUE Downtown 2
                  Singapore - 068809
                  Tel: +65 6262 2166

                  kolkata OFFICE

                  1401, PS Srijan Corporate Park,14th Floor,
                  Tower-1, Block-GP, Sector-V, Saltlake,
                  Kolkata - 700 091 (India)
                  Tel: +91 80173 44693

                  mumbai OFFICE

                  Technopolis Knowledge Park CENTEC
                  Mahakali Caves Road, Chakala , Andheri(E)
                  Mumbai 400093
                  Tel: +91 75060 33935



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